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Kindrogan Field Centre

Perthshire Scotland


6 - 13 June 2008

Observers: F. Simpson




Early June saw me heading back to Scotland to work on an undergraduate university field course for a week. The usual location for this is the Field Studies Council's Kindrogan Field Centre near Enochdhu in picturesque Strathardle, Perthshire. The field centre is set in an old Victorian estate with a small area of mixed woodland along the banks of the River Ardle at the foot of Kindrogan Hill, largely cloaked in spruce forestry plantation with smaller areas of larch. Strathardle is dominated by pastoral farmland in the glen and moorland on the higher ground. Further to the west lies Glen Brerachan holding some nice heather moorland and small patches of open birch woodland. This trip report details the birds found mainly around the field centre. Glen Brerachan looks like it would be worth some exploration with raptors, grouse and upland birds a probability for those with more time. Around 80 species were noted. 


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Fallow Deer Red Squirrel Robin





Sketch map of the area



Kindrogan Field Centre & environs, Strathardle, Perthshire


Mute Swan  Cygnus olor

Pair with B/4 on Loch Curran on 8/6 (viewed from Kindrogan Hill 2 km distant).

Little Grebe  Tachybaptus ruficollis

Minimum of five birds on Straloch Loch on 12/6. Trilling territoral song heard here.

Grey Heron  Ardea cinerea

Heronry found this year in Strathardle, very close to the A925. Actual nests not visible from the road but a maximum of 10 adults observed in adjacent field on 9/6. Also 3 fledged juvs presents on several days and adults observed carrying nesting material on 12/6.

Canada Goose  Branta canadensis

Three at Straloch on 12/6.

Mallard  Anas platyrhynchos

B/6 on curling pond on 12/6. B/5, B/1, 5mm + 3 ff on Straloch Loch on 12/6. Pair flew over Pitlochry on 9/6.

Tufted Duck  Aythya fuligula

Pair on Loch a choire, Ben Vrackie on 9/6. 3mm/1f on Straloch Loch on 12/6.

Goldeneye  Bucephala clangula

Female on Straloch Loch on 12/6.

Goosander  Mergus merganser

One flew downstream along River Ardle at Enochdhu at 0731 on 9/6. One north over Davan on 13/6.

Sparrowhawk  Accipiter nisus

One along the River Ardle between the field centre and Enochdhu on 8/6.

Buzzard  Buteo buteo

One or two regularly in Strathardle.

Osprey  Pandion haliaetus

One flew over Straloch at 1240h on 12/6.

Kestrel  Falco tinninculus

Nest with noisy chicks in pine copse near Bridgend Straloch.

Red Grouse  Lagopus scoticus

Heard from heather moorland on the lower slope of Ben Vrackie on 9/6.

Pheasant  Phasianus colchicus

Fairly common.

Coot  Fulica atra

One on Straloch Loch 12/6.

Moorhen  Gallinula chloropus

Adult in roadside garden ponds along A924 in Pitlochry on 9/6. Two adults on Straloch Loch on 12/6.

Oystercatcher  Haematopus ostralegus

Adult and half-grown chick mid-stream on the River Ardle in Kirkmichael on 12/6. Observed in Glen Brerachan (while in transit in the minibus). Present daily in Strathardle with maximum of five around the field centre.

Lapwing  Vanellus vanellus

Only observed in Glen Brerachan (while in transit in the minibus).

Woodcock  Scolopax rusticola

One to two birds observed roding along the main drive mosts days at dawn and dusk, e.g. 2230h on 6/8 and 0316h on 9/6. Exceptional views of one sitting, not so camouflaged, on a mossy hummock in damp, open birch strip with horsetails between the field centre and the curling pond on 11/6.

Curlew  Numenius arquata

At least one displaying daily in Strathardle. Two displaying on lower slope of Ben Vrackie on 9/6. Observed in Glen Brerachan (while in transit in the minibus)

Common Sandpiper  Actitis hypoleucos

One at Straloch on 12/6. Two adults and a juvenile on River Ardle at Kirkmichael on 12/6.

Black-headed Gull  Larus ridibundus

Regularly flying over Strathardle.

Common Gull  Larus canus

Regularly flying over Strathardle.

Feral Pigeon  Columba livia

Note at Enochdhu, Kirkmichael and Pitlochry.

Wood Pigeon  Columba palumbus

Fairly common.

Collared Dove  Sreptopelia decaocto

Fairly common in Pitlochry with singing and displaing males noted.

Cuckoo  Cuculus canorus

Male singing most of the week between the walled garden, in larches along the River Ardle, and the clear fell around the graveyard. Mobbed by Tree Pipits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, and Long-tailed Tits. Vocal from 0311h on 9/6.

Tawny Owl  Strix aluco

Male calling most nights from Kindrogan Hill. Female heard calling at 0358h on 9/6.

Long-eared Owl  Asio otus

Young heard calling near Enochdhu on Catern Trail around 0108h on 13/6.

Swift  Apus apus

Six birds around the field centre daily. Also noted over Pitlochry.

Great Spotted Woodpecker  Dendrocopus major

Four nests located (two in larch, one in scots pine, one in european larch) near East Lodge, curling pond, West Lodge and the eastern end of Glen Brerachan. Two fledglings near the field centre on 13/6. A tail-less individual regularly seen around the graveyard.

Skylark  Alauda arvensis

Singing mm at the eastern end of Glen Brerachan on 12/6 and 13/6.

Sand Martin  Riparia riparia

Six feeding over rushy pasture adjacent to Brerachan Water near West Lodge on 12/6. Two at Straloch on 12/6.

Swallow  Hirundo rustica

Nine AONs at the field centre. Active from early morning, e.g. 0313h on 9/6.

House Martin  Delichon urbicum

None present at the field centre though three partial nests remain. Minimum of 10 at Straloch on 12/6, nesting in cottages here. Fairly common in Pitlochry and Kirkmichael.

Tree Pipit  Anthus trivialis

Four singing males in the clear fell area. Widespread in birch woodand patches from the curling pond to Glen Brerachan.

Meadow Pipit  Anthus pratensis

At least two pairs feeding young around the trig point in heather moorland on Kindrogan Hill. Common in Glen Brerachan and Ben Vrackie.

Grey Wagtail  Motacilla cinerea

Birds noted on the River Ardle at the field centre, Enochdhu and Kirkmichael. One flew over the Co-Op in Pitlochry on 9/6.

Pied Wagtail  Motacilla alba

Singing males at the field centre and Straloch. Several birds observed with food for young throughout Strathardle.

Dipper  Cinclus cinclus

Three territories located at Enochdhu, the field centre and Brerachan Water. Nest with incubating female on second clutch under Kindrogan Bridge.

Wren  Troglodytes troglodytes

Common. Singing from 0338h on 9/6. Also singing close to summit of Ben Vrackie.

Dunnock  Prunella modularis

Scarce - only singing birds at Davan, Enochdhu and near the field centre.

Robin  Erithacus rubecula

Common. Singing from 0301h on 9/6. Good numbers of fledglings around.

Redstart  Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Territorial birds in birch woodland patches in Strathardle & Glen Brerachan.

Stonechat  Saxicola torquata

Pair carrying food for young on the lower slope of Ben Vrackie on 9/6.

Wheatear  Oenanthe oenanthe

Pair feeding young in the nest near the summit of Ben Vrackie on 9/6.

Ring Ouzel  Turdus torquatus

Pair (inc singing male) at usual site on Ben Vrackie 9/6.

Blackbird  Turdus merula

Very common. Singing from 0319h on 9/6. A tame individual at Moulin Hotel on 9/6.

Song Thrush  Turdus philomelus

Common. Singing from 0255h on 9/6. One bird incorporating Curlew mimcry into its song.

Mistle Thrush  Turdus viscivorus

Common. A fledgeling was repeatedly attached by three Jackdaws in a field adjacent to the field centre on 12/6.

Sedge Warbler  Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

Singing male in juncus rush field immediately west of West Lodge beside Brerachan Water at 0500h on 13/6.

Whitethroat  Sylvia communis

Singing male in nettle/willowherb bed at Kindrogan Bridge all week.

Garden Warbler  Sylvia borin

Several singing mm. Singing from 0344h on 11/6.

Blackcap  Sylvia atricapilla

Several singing mm. Singing from 0354h on 9/6.

Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix

One singing near the curling pond on 7/6 (AW). Another singing in birch/oak mix near East Lodge on 7/6.

Chiffchaff  Phylloscopus collybita

A singing male present daily from the track between the main drive and the clear fell.

Willow Warbler  Phylloscopus trochilus

Several singing mm around the field centre and more widespread in birch areas.

Goldcrest  Regulus regulus

Very common in coniferous forestry. Singing from 0323h on 9/6.

Spotted Flycatcher  Muscicapa striata

4 singing mm around the field centre, 2-3 singing mm at Enochdhu, and 2 singing mm at Davan.

Pied Flycatcher  Ficedula hypoleuca

Female observed briefly in oaks next to the track/car park at 2055h on 11/6.

Long-tailed Tit  Aegithalos caudatus

Fairly common. B/4 near front lawn on 8/6. Another larger brood at curling pond on 12/6.

Coal Tit  Periparus ater

Common. Also noted at feeders.

Blue Tit  Cyanistes caeruleus

Common and using several nest boxes present. Pair nesting in brickwork of walled garden, another in a short sycamore stump near Davan. Also noted at feeders. One became trapped in my room on 11/6 - released unharmed.

Great Tit  Parus major

Common. A pair nesting in the old footbridge at Enochdhu. Also noted at feeders.

Treecreeper  Certhia familiaris

Common. B/2 in birch wood on Glen Brerachan on 12/6.

Magpie  Pica pica

Only seen at Kirkmichael and Pitlochry.

Jackdaw  Corvus monedula

7-8 prs nesting in chimneys in Kindrogan house. Common in Pitlochry and Kirkmichael.

Rook  Corvus frugilegus

Rookery in Glen Brerachan and common in pasture in the north-western end of Strathardle.

Carrion Crow  Corvus corone

Common. Two juvenile Hooded x Carrion Crow hybrids observed near the field centre on 8/6.

Raven  Corvus corax

Regularly heard and up to three seen over Kindrogan Hill. Pair mobbed by a Kestrel on Ben Vrackie on 9/6.

Starling  Sturnus vulgaris

Fledgling at field centre on 12/6. Otherwise only noted at Straloch, Kirkmichael and Pitlochry.

House Sparrow  Passer domesticus

Common in Pitlochry. Partial albino still present at the Moulin Hotel.

Chaffinch  Fringilla coelebs

Abundant. Singing from 0401h on 9/6. Several Fledgelings noted.

Greenfinch  Carduelis chloris

A few pairs/singing mm noted in Strathardle and over field centre.

Goldfinch  Carduelis carduelis

Singing male at East Balnald on 12/6.

Siskin  Carduelis spinus

Fairly common in coniferous woodland. Regular overhead throughout.

Linnet  Carduelis cannabina

Only noted in Glen Brerachan.

Lesser Redpoll  Carduelis cabaret

Single over the curling pond on 12/6.

Crossbill  Loxia curvirostra

Four over the clearfell on 9/6. One in forestry on the trail to Ben Vrackie on 9/6. One over the curling pond on 12/6.

Bullfinch  Pyrrhula pyrrhula

One or two elusive pairs around the field centre.

Reed Bunting  Emberiza schoeniclus

Singing male at Straloch on 12/6.



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