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Fraser's Birding Blog

 Fraser's Birding Blog

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March 2013

Goldeneye drawing

House Sparrow drawing

Sanderling drawing

Kestrel drawing


February 2013

Goosander drawing

Nuthatch drawing

Mallard drawing

Great Tit drawing

Cormorant drawing

Gallery of my favourite bird photographs

Another Grey Heron in flight

Bright Wings

Blow Dry Moorhen

Threat Posture

Nest-building Herons



January 2013

Eye-to-eye with a Moorhen

London Herons in Breeding Plumage

Knot at Brent Reservoir

Egyptian Geese in the Snow

Bearded Tits in Hyde Park

New Year Birding


December 2012

Australia: A Big Day of Birding

Berkshire Buff-bellied Pipit images

Queen Mother's Buff-bellied Pipit

Four Swans-a-feeding


November 2012

Ayrshire Waxwing Invasion 2012 - latest

Heron Silhouettes

Side-lit Heron


Battersea Pigeon Station

City Gulls around The Shard

Watching the time...

Glimpse of a heron


October 2012

Richmond Fallows in Twilight

Urban Herons: wider view

Swans in the sun: swans in the mist

Florida Keys Birding Trip Report

Sleeping Swan

Twilight Herons

Rim-lighting on Grey Heron


September 2012

Cycling 250 miles in one day (and noting some birds)

Key West Chickens

Green Heron, Summerland Key, Florida

Kayaking through pelicans, herons, egrets and ibises

Melbourne, Australia

Birding on Summerland Key

Koh Phi Phi Leh

Florida Keys fieldwork - first day on Summerland Key

Koh Phi Phi, Andaman Sea

Our Jungle Lodge, Thailand

Baillon's Crake, Rainham Marshes

Khao Sok National Park - a tale of many bulbuls


August 2012

Thailand Sounds


July 2012

Kindrogan Field Course


Speyside Honeymoon


June 2012

Pairing Up


May 2012

Spring Bird Sounds from Brent Reservoir

Stonechat song


April 2012

Costa de la Luz


March 2012

Blackbird vocalisations

Ayrshire Bird Report 2010

Song Thrush Song

Summerland Key Sounds


February 2012

Late Winter Bird Sounds on Hampstead Heath

Birds & Other Wildlife of the West Coast

A day-and-a-half camel ride to Rainham

Willow Tit drawing



January 2012

Blue Tit drawing

Shelduck drawing

Little Egret drawing

Sun on The Solway

Florida fieldwork trip report

Catching up with 2012


December 2011

White Ibis, Summerland Key

Green Iguanas in Florida's Mangroves

Florida Keys fieldwork

Sketching & Stretching

Crane of the swamp


November 2011

Leaf Fall on the Light Box II

Feeding Coot blurs with heading-bobbing trails

Birds posing at famous London landmarks

Swan Dreams

Autumn in slow motion

A cool morning fog

Starlings: Frozen in Flight

The Art of Extinction


East Tilbury

Leaf Fall on the Whitebox

Birds on Beer Bottles

Hovering Starlings

Mute Swan: another angle

Pallid Harrier, Garnock Floods, Ayrshire


October 2011

Egyptian Goose brood

Fish Eye view

Richmond Park Deer

Grey Heron portraits: preening and exfoliating

Richmond Deer: Dawn till Dusk

Dabchick Drawing

Indian Summer Rut


September 2011

Drawing Urban Parakeets

Tiger Flatworm under the microscope

Back to the drawing board - Dunlin


August 2011

At work



July 2011

River Clyde at night

Lisa's Graduation

Vegetation Analysis 2.8


June 2011

Birding and cycling to work in London

Bird Report for Kindrogan 10-17 June 2011

Chronology of the Dawn Chorus


May 2011

Rumours of Cranes


Just joined SoundCloud

Grey Heron brood on movie mode

The Young Punks of Regent's Park

Sound recordings from the past year

Marsh Frog vocalisations

Black Swan Art

Scenes from Zahara de los Atunes

Cetti's Warbler, London WWT

Mallard duckling cuteness


April 2011

I like my opal fruits with the wrappers on

Iberian Water Frog chorus

Eurasian Crane unison calls


March 2011

Red-necked Grebe in Estonia

Drum majors and minors

Vocal mimicry in the Whinchat

Displaying White Storks in Madrid

Travel Photography from Morocco - part 2

Travel Photography from Morocco - part 1

Urban birding in Madrid: Casa de Campa

Gambel's Quail

White-crowned Wheatear roosting and singing in human habitation

Tristram's Warbler recording from Morocco


February 2011

Travels through Morocco

New Mexico

Biking and birding to work in London

Can you see what it is yet?

Final set of photographs from Bosque


January 2011

More magic from the Río Grande

Bosque predators

The Beauty of Bosque del Apache


December 2010

Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

Drawings in print

Dancing in ice


November 2010

More drawings for the Ayrshire Bird Report 2009

Ayrshire Bird Report 2009

Grebe and Shoveler sketches

Aberdeen and Stonehaven


October 2010

Ayrshire Waxwing Invasion 2010

Return to Richmond

Hello goose, where are the herons?

Dark side of the heron

Autumn excursions II

Richmond Rut

A day in Bath...

White-winged Black Tern in Hyde Park


September 2010

Autumn excursions

Visible migration, North London

Old Ayrshire

London after dark: part 2

New sounds and sonograms uploaded

Painting with a camera

London after dark: part 1


August 2010

Puffin drawing

Diversion - part 3: Accidents with glycerol and other substances

New drawings

Eurasian Crane on Birdwatching Magazine


July 2010

Diversion - part 2: Taste

Back from Florida

In the mangroves of Florida Keys


June 2010

Otters in Strathardle

The Sound of Estonian Nights


May 2010

Investigating Spain's Ecology

Eurasian Cranes at Hornborgasjön in Sweden

Wild Swans of Sweden


April 2010

Volcanic Ash Cloud Latest: Birder comes home the long way and sees 100 species from a bus

Birding around Zahara de los Atunes

Stranded in Spain

Just back from Sweden, now to Spain...


March 2010

Trandansen at Hornborgasjön

Cool new feature from xeno-canto!

Drawing of the exotic Mandarin in display

Sounds of Spring

Turnstone in moult

Ayrshire Winter Bird Race 2010


February 2010

Illustrating the Grey Heron with pencil and paper

Sounds I once heard...

Dusky Warbler - Walthamstow Reservoirs

Fulmar calls from a ruined fortress

Walthamstow islands of noise

Great Tit song variation

Breeding Herons in the Heart of London

Bird Recording in Ayrshire


January 2010

Ballast Bank

The thaw is on

London - Ice Bound

Caerlaverock on the Solway Firth

A Proper Winter

Catching up with 2010


December 2009

Whoopers in the snow

The big freeze begins

Ayrshire Bird Report 2008

Wildfowl drawings

City Park Like

Diversion - part 1: Aqua

Mandarins in the forest



November 2009


A rush of coots to the bread

A beakful

Movement and still life

Full day session with the herons

Warning: this post may contain herons

Another lunch in the park

Wet London Centre


October 2009

More parklife

More Herons

Autumn back lighting

Waxwing drawing

Starlings in flight

Brown Shrike on Staines Moor

Black-crowned Night Heron in Parque el Olivar

American Black Vultures at Yarinacocha

Circuito Mágico del Agua

Lima - days 44-45

Fishing for Piranha

100 species from a boat in Amazonia (Yarinacocha & Río Ucayali) - days 41-43


September 2009

Caño Tushmo, Yarinacocha - day 40

Peru - days 31-37

Antiphonal duetting in the Coraya Wren

Rainforest Visions

Tarapoto-Urahuasha trail - day 30

El Tunel & Biodiversidad - days 28-29

Inca two step - days 23-27

The most Marvellous Spatuletail

Tarapoto-Urahuasha trail - days 17-19

Tenko'd in Yurimaguas - days 13-16

Cordillera Escalera - days 9-12


August 2009

Spiderlings & Tamales

Tarapoto to Pongo de Caynarachia - days 5-8

Tarapoto & Río Shilcayo - day 4

Tarapoto & Río Shilcayo - days 2-3

Urban birding in a South American capital

Return to Peru

Stonechat sketch


July 2009

The many voices of a Scottish Whinchat

Birding in Poland Trip Report

North-east Poland


June 2009

Stone the Bob Crows


May 2009

Knockentiber to Springside disused railway line

Painted Lady invasion hits Ayrshire

Ythan Estuary and the Sands of Forvie

Albinistic Blackbird in full song

Vía de Tarifa

Albinistic Blackbird in Subsong

Reservoir Blogs - Walthamstow

Reservoir Blogs - Brent

The Sounds of Totteridge Valley

Reel 2 Reel


April 2009

Mola mola

View from a Crane hide

Cranes in Sweden - the photos

Larger Crane photos

Messengers of Spring (in the snow)


March 2009

Trandansen at Hornborgasjön

Blackbird song


Feather Care

Red Kite over North London

Pochard - wide angle

Sitting on the bench

A wider view


February 2009

Kensington Garden Tawny Owl brood

Round Pond Photography

A creek near Dubai

Ayrshire Waxwing Invasion - latest

Recent Sounds

Jack Snipe patch tick



Rookery in the metropolis

... and some ducks in the shadows


January 2009

Night Heron, West Hythe, Kent

Franklin's Gull at Barassie, Ayrshire

Ayrshire Winter Bird Race 2009

Short-eared Owls

Nearctic Ducks

Farmland Birds

Waxwing Sonogram


December 2008

Kilmarnock Waxwings

Bonnyton Waxwings

Wild Swans

Boxing Day Waxwings

Tree Sparrows on Springside stubble

Red Coat Mail

...and now for something completely different


Kilmarnock's council problem is easing say gulls


Demoiselle Cranes

North again


November 2008

UAE Trip Report

200 tinkling bells

Lark stalks photographer

United Arab Emirates

Turkey Trip Report 2008

Green Heron sketch

Green Heron, West Hythe, Kent


October 2008

Backlit Heron

Street Pigeon on paper

More hens

More herons

Ardea drawing

Autumn Light Portraits

Sweet Chestnuts

A few images before work today

Dangerous Ducks


September 2008

Epops on paper

Last rays of the day

Fish Eye View

Nice bird on the beach

Watch the skies

Tern sketch

Dabbling again

Ayrshire Bird Report 2007

Subruf on paper


August 2008

After the Rain Bird

Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Heather Bleat


July 2008



June 2008

Kindrogan Field Centre

Dean Castle Dawn Chorus

In the shelter of North Glen App

Blackburn Pavillion

Field Vole


May 2008


Urban Terns

Pied Pipers


April 2008


Costa de la Luz


March 2008

A little bit of bread and no cheese

Great Tit Repertoire Samples

Another trip to the Med - flight AAZS

Hoody in the park

Birds of Scotland


February 2008

Night Singing

Drum 'n' oak base

Dunnock Sonogram

Furry Boots City

Walthamstow Colonies

Mediterranean Gull in Kensington Gardens

Pair Bonding

London Life

New bird species from Colombia

Fulica Fights

London Eyes


January 2008



Rush Hour (pigeon-style)

Lunchtime blurs

Low light blurs

Have you see these ducks?

Sheep vs. Egret (Round 2)

Ayrshire Winter Bird Race

Atlas Work

Cardoness Cattle Egret


December 2007

Hogganfield Loch, Glasgow

Frosted Blackbird

Lunchbreak Pix

Ayrshire Coast

Glasgow Goosanders


November 2007

Kensington Jay

Docklands Shelduck

Regents Pigeons

Bloomsbury Firecrest


Urban Parakeet Study

Barn Elms WWT

Isle of Islay with SOC Touring


October 2007

Autumn Light

Kowa TSN-831 Prominar 'scope

London WWT

Grey Heron study

More Kensington

SHP Vis-Mig

Rooking for Crows

China stamps


September 2007

Screaming Piha

Soundtrack for the Seawatcher


New York's Central Park

Peru day 30: Pantanos de Villa, Lima

Peru day 27: Juan Guerra

Peru day 26: Tarapoto > Boca toma de Rio Shilcayo

Peru day 23-24: Tarapoto

Peru day 23: Peru 600

Peru days 20-23: Alto Mayo

Peru day 17: Tarapoto > Rio Shilcayo


August 2007

Peru day 15: Tarapoto > Rio Shilcayo

Peru days 11-12: Tarapoto

Peru day 11: Tarapoto > Boca Tome del Rio Shilcayo

Peru days 9-10: Tarapoto > Pongo de Cainarachi > Yurimaguas

Peru days 7-8: Tarapoto

Peru days 2-6: Tarapoto > Pongo de Cainarachi > Yurimaguas

Peru day 1: Lima

Ayrshire Bird Report 2006

Purple Hairstreak, Ayrshire

Scotch Argus in Changue


July 2007

Stripey Heads & Frontal Shields

Ayrshire Weekend: North Glen App

Ayrshire Weekend: Gailes Marsh

Ayrshire Weekend: Kirkiswald area

Ayrshire Weekend: Carrick Hills

Ayrshire Weekend: Darvel & Stewarton area


June 2007

Dawn Chorus Chronologies

Wren Sonogram


Kindrogan Field Centre


May 2007

Cetti's Sonogram

First Field Guide

Morocco Trip Report uploaded



April 2007

Field course in Southwest Spain

Early Pierids in Ayrshire

Kensington Gardens


March 2007

Heron Heights

Green Issues

Initial signs of spring in the bird world

London Wetland Centre

Tawny Owls in Kensington Gardens

London Lunch

Glaucous Gull

Early Sand Martin

Stone Curlew, London Wetland Centre


February 2007

Broomfield Park, Enfield


Regent's Park lunchbreak III

Lea Valley Bird Fair

Regent's again

Regent's Park lunchbreak II

Regent's Park lunchbreak I

Mandarin Ducks, Trent Country Park

American Robin, West Yorkshire


January 2007

Black Redstarts in the Docklands

Kensington Gardens Yellow-legged Gull

Regent's Park

Ayrshire Winter Bird Race

London Wetland Centre WWT

Penduline Tit, Rainham Marshes

Larger Pics

Ivory Gull is dead

Tap-dancing Starling

New Year's Day


December 2006

Iceland Gull and Common Seal

Ivory Gull

Barrow's Goldeneye

Ivory Gull, Ayrshire


Hummers on video

Monk Parakeets in the Isle of Dogs


November 2006

Goosanders in Kilmarnock

BirdGuides article on Kensington Gull

Barnes WWT

Kensington YL Gull

Kensington Gardens Yellow-legged Gull

City Cormorants

Ayrshire Birds


October 2006

New Photo Website

Ruddy Ducks!

Kensington Gardens Gull

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

London Wetland Centre

Website Gallery Updates

Arizona Trip Report

Mus musculus


September 2006

Terrifying Hitchcock Parakeets

Barn Elms

Birds in the media this week

Cornmill Meadows & Fishers Green

Save the Albatross

Regent's Park

Egret in the Docklands


August 2006


Birding Arizona-1

Birding Arizona-2

Birding Arizona-3

Birding Arizona-4


July 2006

Western Scrub-Jay along the River Ayr

Scotch Argus at Changue

(No) Graylings at Moorfield

Arson Catatrophe for Thursley Heath

Thursley Heath Dragonfly Safari

Day Trip to Isle of May


June 2006

Ayrshire Bird & Butterfly Report 2005

Burnets & Skippers

Ayrshire Midsummer Bird Race

Spoonbill at Walthamstow Reservoirs

Nightjar in London

Dawn Chorus Chronologies

Migrant Moths & Butterflies

Kindrogan Field Centre


May 2006

Website Offline!

London Wetland Centre

Tobago (I Wish)

Mandarin Broods at Darlands Lake

Common Crane at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Golden Oriole... for some

Titchwell RSPB Nature Reserve

Warblers & Trains



April 2006

King Eider at Irvine, Ayrshire

Endemic Birds on Tenerife

Bald Ibis on the Costa de la Luz


March 2006

Phonescoping with the new Nokia 6280

Last Laugh

London Wetland Centre

The Stow & The Valley


February 2006

Ring-billed Gull on the Isle of Dogs

Wildlife in the City

Stonechat launches Blog


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